Friday, May 27, 2005


Movie Mania: Part 1

All thanks to Reiya I am here completing the so-called "chain". I LOVE MOVIES!! Me very choosy about films. I am kinda allergic to Bollywood. For me going for a Hindi film is like dying!! I don't get company to go because I just can't stop passing comments and giggling when all are crying in the film and around me!! Let's see which are my all time favorites:

Lilo and Stitch: I feel like Stitch all the time. Not belonging anywhere. I am cute too.

Beaches: This is my all time favorite movie starring Bette Midler. Gets me all mushy. All about friends.

Sound of Music: Do I really have to say anything about this?? A gem of a movie. The song "My Favorite Things" is close to my heart.

Top Gun: AWESOME. I love the TOP GUN Anthem. Ya and drool over Tom Cruise. That was then. Now I have a whole list!! Ahem! Will write about that some other time.

Forrest Gump: Tom Hanks is a real good actor. The movie is thought provoking. Can't forget the scene where he runs till his crutches come off.

You Have Got Mail: A very good romantic movie where the "mush" factor is not overdone. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is: When they both set out for their jobs in the morning almost bumping into each other. The song by Cranberries: "Dreams" plays in the background.

The Matrix/ Animatrix: IT RULES!! Do you know there are people who still haven't understood what the movie is all about??? Trust me there are a lot of them! I read that in the papers.

Finding Nemo: Reminds me of the goldfish I once possessed! Sigh! And the Turtles. Sigh!

Step Mom: Great compatibility onscreen between Julia and Susan. The memorable scene is where Susan's daughter comes to know about her mom's illness and cannot take in the news and walks away. Her dad stops her and warns her to not walk out on her mom like that to which she replies: Walking out is your job dad, not mine.

Patch Adams: Robbie Williams is so good with comedy as well as serious roles. Good balance. The scene where the doctors are invited for a conference only to be walking through doors shaped in a woman's legs that are spread out wide and where the doors become uhmm...the vagina! Certainly unforgettable and hilarious!!

Life is Beautiful: A very good movie that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I can only wonder with grief what was the real nazi regime like.

Equilibrium: I definitely have the hots for Christian Bale! I have always wanted to see a movie where romantic baloney is absent. This comes close. Still looking out for a movie like that.

Gone in 60 Seconds: GOOD MOVIE! The scene where Cage literally drives his ford mustang mid-air and lands on the other side!! Kya stunt hai man!!

Love Hina: The first anime I saw. I loved it!

The Newsies: Here Christian Bale was a baccha. A Classic. A must have.

Sleepers: This movie is about a bunch of friends who are taken to a juvenile home because they accidentally kill a man. The jail wardens sexually abuse all of them. Very crude and very emotional. It stars: Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Jason Patrick and Minnie Driver.

About how many cds I own uhmm..well...( doedoe gets amnesia!) Last movie I saw was... Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi: Good music. Grim Movie.

This is a huge list!!! Will continue later.... Bollywood will follow suit in the next one... Well I don't have many blogger pals to continue the chain but whoever reads this please do write about it...

Sunday, May 22, 2005


A Moonlit Night

I have always been awestruck by the moon. I love the moon in its crescent beauty and even more in its full splendor.

Being with you on the terrace, on that moonlit night was simply amazing. The summer breeze was having a calming effect on my tense nerves but your presence was making the wind's efforts futile.

Everyone knows that I have a hard time keeping a straight face when I am nervous. That day was no different. I know you sensed my uneasiness. I was glad that you pretended not to notice but I was at the same time miffed about it. (What's with women and sending out mixed signals??!!??). I don't know either!

I was oblivious to the presence of others around us. I must have looked like a fool staring at you shamelessly. Well, I couldn’t care less. Friends complimented me for dressing up. I was flattered no doubt but the heels were killing me! OUCH!!

To make matters worse I was having a tough time walking! Clumsy foot that I am. I was tripping all over the place and I wasn't even drunk! You were enjoying every second of my miserable and painful nightmare! You weren't laughing but your eyes gave you away.

Slow music became a part of the moonlit summer night. You asked me for a dance and I said yes before you could even finish! What was I thinking?!?You led me to the dance floor. I tripped again. You let it pass. Ignorance was blissful for you that day. Wasn't it? You have no idea that I had practiced dancing a whole week before, so that I could be at my best for this occasion. But here I was making a complete mess of things.

Looking at you, I felt a plethora of emotions. Happy because I was with you. Excited because I was eagerly waiting for this evening. Embarrassed because I didn't know that I am going to be such a disaster.

We were both together; we were both alone amidst people. You held my hand and I couldn't let go. I was waiting for this moment for a long time. It was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We didn't have to say what we felt. We both knew. We both understood.

That moonlit night will always hold a special place in my heart. One of life’s beautiful moments that I always want to hold onto. Sometimes I cease to recall but my memory only takes me back in time and makes me revisit that night which has remained untouched, unchanged and unharmed and I know I will treasure it forever...

Sunday, May 15, 2005



YYYIIIIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Me went for JOE SATRIANI. FOR FREE!! NOW I LOVE MY PR JOB. Had a change of heart. Who wouldn't if you get free entry? The tickets otherwise were highly priced. C’mon 1000-2000 Rupees!!

But I missed the start of the show!! I was under the impression that some band will headline the concert. My boss knew that I am a Satch fan so he dutifully kept my team back!! Enough was enough. The good PR person that I am, I persuaded him to let us go. It worked!!

Well some of my friends couldn’t make it to the show. Better luck next time Varun, Dash, It’s Smoking, Russ, Andy and BB.
Viggi finally made it to the concert. Viggi's funda to get tickets: Get me 2000 worth ka ticket and I will pay you 500 bucs. Smart na??? Useless. I agree my math sucks but I ain’t that stupid.

The concert was good. The sound system was not all that happening though. There were some idiots in front who did not know who was the "takla" playing!! @#@! #@#$#% Why do they even come to the show?? The worst part is they too had got free entry!! And my friends couldn't make it. Not Fair!! Later I managed to get some of my friends in with my “PR influence”. All the while I was feeling sorry for my good friend Vignesh Prabhu. I know what it feels like to be right at the end and watch a show! Tsktsk!! Viggi do you remember Channel [V]??

For me it was a lot of phone calls happening. Some were related with work others were my very good dost-log calling up and swearing at me!!! Maine Kya Kiya???? Hrmpffhh. One of my friends Debu, lost his 2000 Rs. ka pass!! M*D**C***!!! He had to make do with 500 bucs worth ka pass. Careless Fool!! He hadn’t refilled his cell so I couldn’t even let him know that he could have got free entry. IDIOT.

Some "chicks" had also made it to the concert with their hardly-there attire and high-heeled shoes.
1st "chick": Hey is that a guitar that fellow is playing?!!!??? Gosh!!! Someone please kill me!! Shail, my good friend nearly convinced her that it was an “electric mandolin”!!!

2nd "chick": My feet are hurting!! HEHEHEH. Kisne bola tha 4-foot ka heel shoes wear karne ko!! And to top it all off she said that the organizers should at least provide them with chairs!!! Haila!! What did she think?!!!? She definitely wasn’t there for a ghazal night!! Dimwit!

Best were some other guys’ ka remarks. They had no idea who was Joe Satriani. Forget the Music. One guy remarked: Sirf baja raha hai. Kuch gana kyon nahi gaa raha hai!! #$@%#^$&. I could only say DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Satch was GREAT!! Man it's gonna take me a lifetime to play like him!! The Jimi Hendrix influence clearly showed in his performance. Wish I were born during that time.

I got a chance to meet him backstage but the meeting was trying my patience… I had to pee ssssooooooo badly!! Weak bladder!! Damn! My friends were getting his autograph during which I was desperately searching for a loo!! Finally found one, only it had a long queue!!! Aaarrgghhh! By the time I had relieved myself; Satch had made an exit!!! Naahhhhhhiiii!!

But on the whole it was an event filled evening. It was my first free concert!! YEAH BABY!! All thanks to me!! Of course I didn’t know till Flow told me about it! Thanks man. I better keep myself informed next time round.

Satch played some good numbers from his various albums. My favorites that Satch played were: Friends, Summer Song, Psycho Monkey and Flying in a Blue Dream. AWESOME! What control the guy has. He didn’t skip a note. So much to learn from him.

Next time I will try to make it on time for a concert!!

P.S: This post is dedicated to my friend/s who tried for free entry and couldn’t make it!!! And others who couldn’t make it at all. Aren’t I the bestest friend ever??!!??

Monday, May 09, 2005



I love to travel!!! Be it in a Virar local. So what?!? It takes immense hard work and sound presence of mind to get in a Virar train. Do try travelling by one someday!!

I have been to quite a number of places as a kid. The memories are crystal clear. Travelling was by train most of the times. One of life's gifts when your Dad happens to be working for the Railways!! Wish my mom worked for an airline!!

I have also travelled by buses which I truly and completely despise! No balance whatsoever. If you thought BEST was the WORST,then you surely need to rethink especially if you are travelling by a "state transport bus". URGH! Abominable creations of man!!

I have seen most of North India and the Western regions and parts of East India. The best are the hill stations any day!! And yes... Treks and hikes come a close second.

I am still waiting to discover what South India has to offer. I have a lot of friends who happen to be from there. You name it: Mallus, Tambrams, Mangis, Kannadigas and the likes... Why some of my relatives happen to be South Indians! Talk about National Integration- My family stands for it!! Will travel abroad someday considering I just got myself an Indonesian Bhabhi!! Did I just say "national integration"?!? Time for international relations to make their presence felt!!

Travelling has taught me a lot of things. Some of them are:

Patience: It is a must if there are delays of any kind!!

Survival Skills: When you packing for a trip a tiny thing like a safety pin can be really handy. You know what to carry and what not to carry as you travel more. An Mp3 is a better decision than carrying a minisuitcase of CD's!! You also learn to survive on a sandwich rather than a proper meal which makes your pocket lighter and your stomach heavier. A heavy meal is bad for long distance travel. You wouldn't want to spill the contents of your stomach on your fellow passenger. Would you?

Acceptance: You learn to accept people to be for who they are i.e different than you but are humans just the same.

Gyaan: Increases your knowledge and puts to rest any aforesaid assumptions or doubts. You cannot always believe what "others" say unless you find out the truth on your own, be it regarding customs, traditions, food et al.

Appreciation: You learn to appreciate your life more and of course in my case, my Dad's job!! Still wishing my mother worked for an airline!!

Time Management and Utilisation: You learn to lighten up and just enjoy the time that you are given, exploring places. You learn to make the best use of your time.

Value for Money: For me train travel has been free but travelling besides that is where you need to keep in check your expenses!! People can tempt you when you visit a market place and can fleece you when you want to go from place A to place B.

Bonding: This according to Gappu also plays a vital part. It helps you bond/connect with yourself and the person, if you happen to be travelling with someone. In my words it is "introspection" with beautiful sceneries surrounding you. I prefer travelling alone.

Lingua Franca: Sure helps you to pick up the lingo and essential day to day words. In my case "gaalis". Hehehe.

Food: One of the many things that attract me to the place that I am visiting. Just like the people, their cuisine also differs. You should be willing to try out different foodstuff. In MP and Chattisgarh the tribals make a tangy chutney out of a specific breed of ants! Worth trying. Trust me!


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