Friday, June 17, 2005



I have been in a baby mood for quite some time now. The kid in me is desperately trying to show her mischievous side! I want to irritate people, play pranks and what not. (Never underestimate a kid's imagination!)

When I am in a kid mode I just want to be free and not doing anything but doing a lot of things at the same time. I like to stuff myself with ice-cream and lots of chocolates. (hey I do that otherwise also) Me piggy. Me love food, what to do?

I want to become a birdie and fly away and poop on people who piss me off! Me want to dance all day and play in the rain. Me want to watch Winnie the Pooh and me wish that Calvin would be my friend and Hobbes my care taker.

Baby Doedoe's Day:

Get up and then go back to sleep

Get up again and run around the house while brushing my teeth(I still do that)

Eat breakfast. If I don't like what I am eating, take it out from my mouth and put it right back on the plate!

Then go find Chandamama, Tinkle and Chacha Chaudhary to read

Go sliding on mirror finish tiles. Whhheeeeeeeeee. Never walk. Always sprinting, sliding or crawling. Never walk.And ya in my case always tripping!

Go in the garden and catch butterflies

Go fly a kite

Play all day with my friends and tickle them to no end!(That hasn't changed)

Sing Peelo by Outlandish the whole day

Come back for lunch and take a catnap

Evening calls for some more games and irritating parents or anyone who comes close to spoiling my baby's day out! Making funny/strange faces while welcoming guests. (I am so tempted to do it even now)

Get myself a puppy and call it my Best Friend for life. Two cute souls always get along!

Go on the terrace and talk with the stars and moon...

Yawn and go to sleep under the starlit sky only to wake up and kill mosquitoes and then rubbing my eyes go downstairs and climb in my bed and go to sleep dreaming about another day. My day.

Dil hai chota sa choti si asha...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Sing Along

Top 5 OSTs:
1.Iris by GooGoo Dolls:City of Angels
2.Time of My life:Dirty Dancing
3.Cruisin:I forgot but Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis have sung this song.
4.How do I Live Without You:Con Air
5.Hakuna Matata:Lion King

Metallica TOP 5:Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets, Turn the Page, Sweet Amber, St.Anger(only 5 is sheer injustice)

Eagles Top 5: Love will keep us alive, Tequila Sunrise, Hotel California, Desperado, Learn to Be Still

Cold Play Top 5: The Scientist, Trouble, Yellow, In my place, Shiver

Pink Floyd Top 5: On the Turning Away, Another Brick in The Wall, Comfortably Numb, Wish You were Here, Poles Apart

Pantera Top 5: 13 Steps to Nowhere, Cowboys from Hell (viggy!!), I'm Broken, 25 Years, Goddamn Electric

Saala I have more Rock Bands to write about. *Sigh* I will write about rock in a whole new post. Let's write about Hindi favs now: No Top 5 limit in this one:
1.Hemant Kumar:Tum Pukar Lo, Na Tum Hamen Jaano, Jaane woh kaise log the (My life is so like this!!)

2.Kishore Kumar is GOD. Top 5:Tere Bina Zindagi, Badi Sooni Sooni Hai, Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi, O Saathi Re, Apni to Jaise Taise. He is one of the very few singers whose singing style was versatile.

3.Tere Bina.Ghar:Rekha and Vinod Mehra film
4.Ajeeb Dastaan:How to play this song on keyboard, I got that in a dream!I can play it too!
5.Hai apna Dil to Aawaara
6.Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye.OST:Anand
7.Lag Ja Gale Se.
8.Gazab Ka Hai Din:Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (I just love this song)
9.Choti Si Asha:Roja (this is one of the songs that best describes me)
10.Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya:Jagjit Singh

I still have so many songs to write about. No Fair!
Top 5 Random Songs playin in my head right now:1.Missing:Everything but the girl
3.I like big butts and I can't deny(it's a song!) Watch Friends if you don't believe me!
4.I'm a Believer.OST:Shrek
5.Come Undone:Duran Duran (This is one song that turns me on!)


P.S: This is the last chain!!! I will consider books though.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Friends Forever

I hardly ever used to keep in touch with people. People who meant a lot to me. People who I call my friends. It was the fear of losing them that kept me at a distance. When I lost you I lost that fear...

I realized how stupid I was. I realized how selfish I had been to you and to our lives. We could have enjoyed every day a lot more if only I had been more willing to open up to the fact that we all live only once.

It's been three lonely years without you. No one can replace you. You were always there with me and all of a sudden everything was different. I lost you. All the times we spent together can only be kept in my memory and I can no longer share them with you and laugh and cry about them as we once used to...three years back... It hurts so much...

Every time when the fateful day approaches I tell myself it's over. It was the past. You know what the hard part is...the past is something that we hold onto all our lives. The past is eternally clear because we understand it more as a whole than the present which is so full of mayhem that it keeps escaping are comprehension.

I have a lot of acquaintances. People who I sometimes hang out with but not share my deepest thoughts with. Friends are few. You were... you are one of them. I still remember the time I used to beat you in a game of badminton and you used to get back at me by beating me at chess. Then we used to head to the Rang Bhavan canteen. I remember the times when we used to sit hours on end at the hostel steps after our lectures. You were my I-Rock partner. I recall the times when we used give each other advice on love. I miss all those times. I miss the senseless fights that we used to have. I miss you friend. College is different without you. You were one of the few friends I made in Xavier's.

When I first met you I thought you were an egoistical bastard! Only to find out that you were shy! I had assumed that guys are supposed to be the opposite of that. Almost everyday I used to meet you only to know that I no longer could...

Nothing prepares you for death. Nothing. I just hope and pray that you are happy where ever you are.

If you were here right now... I can only imagine what all you would have said. First the gaalis and then a hug and then how profs can be a pain and all that jazz... Only "if" you were here right now...

Sometimes I feel that it’s good that you aren't there to see all the misery and sometimes I wish that you'd be around to see all the happiness. I can only wish... Nothing can fill the void. Losing you is like losing a part of me. I can only live with the emptiness.

It hurts that people come and go but I somehow manage. But when they go away forever not to return it shatters me. Life goes on.... I tell myself. Yes it does go on... without you...without the people whom you care about and love...

They say time heals all wounds but what do you do when time causes them to hurt even more with each passing day?

My life has changed immensely. I have too. You'd be surprised. Hey I have lost weight! There are a million things that I have to tell you. Guess I will some day...

K.F: 18/07/1982 - 02/06/2002

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