Sunday, July 31, 2005


Did You Hear.....?

The rain gods wrecked havoc on our Shelter some days back. Well that is old news. Life goes on. People lost their lives. Nature gives. Nature takes away. We still don't learn. Imbecile humans.

Politicians passing the buck. Have to say that is the best job that they do. That is not the reason that compelled me to write this. What about those people who couldn't resist to add fuel to the raging fires of destruction by just spreading what they do best "rumors"? (Talk about this being the rainy season!)

If wading through neck deep water wasn't enough these good-for-nothing beings had to make matters worse for the already harassed and tired common man. What were they thinking... to reduce the number of humans existing in Mumbai by spreading gossip?!!? No gender game this if you cared to read the papers.

Nature is anyway pissed off at us but who gave them the right to ruin and take lives of people? Couldn't they just shut up and show a bit of concern and help those in distress rather than creating situations of panic? I bet they must have missed all the action sitting at home and doing nothing!

I cannot fathom what sick pleasure they get out of creating havoc. Damn! Our judicial system also cannot do justice by giving them the punishment fit for such careless and unruly behavior. Bail is good. Oops! I forgot that goes for murders, thefts, rapes and yeah bomb blasts even. How darn forgetful of me. My mistake.

Hope these people are put behind bars for a good amount of time or best in a flooded area to fend for themselves!! My creativity for suggesting punishments ends here. What do you guys think?

P.S: By the way I have to learn swimming. Come on, I am only 5ft (I guess). 10ft of water definitely requires a person to stay afloat.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Rip Off

Thanks for the talk the other day. As usual I suck at telling what I feel. So here I am being lazy and ripping something off the net that caught my eye that best describes what I am feeling right now. Wow! Copy-pasting is fun at times!!

Don't care so much for me, I may get used to it.

Don't come so near to me, I may not be able to detach from it.

Don't put so much faith in me, I may not be able to handle it.

Don't become a part of my life, Coz without u, I won t be able to live it.

Don't make me fall for u, I may not be able to fall out of it.

Don't come into my life, If u have to leave one day.

Don't give me the hope, That it's forever u r gonna stay.
Coz love is an emotion I won't be able to hide,
When love isn't reciprocated with love, It hurts deep down inside.

Don't make me believe That u can be more than a friend.
Coz at the end of it all, I don't wanna hear u say, That, I'm sorry, but I never felt the same way...

P.S: I don't believe in love anymore nor in trust. I know you will disagree. I know you won't give up and I know I won't give in.

Friday, July 15, 2005

You fear what you don't understand...

Batman Begins.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Forgot to Remember

Conversation I had with a friend of mine at midnight on June 30th:My cellphone shows some unrecognisable number. I take the call unwillingly.

Me: Hello?
Friend: Moreeesha?
ME: Ya. (ignoring the mispronunciation of my name)
Friend: Guess who?
Me:(yawning) I dunno
Friend: Guess na (they just don't give up, do they?!!??)
Me: Some asshole who is ruining my sleep!
Friend: Heheheh (still oblivious to my discomfort)
Friend: Haaaaapppyy Birrrthday Toooo Youuuu....
Me: Kaun M*D*RCH*D hai?!?? (now I am really pissed off)
Friend: (finally realising he has disturbed me).This is...the-one-who-disturbed-your-sleep!! I just wanted to wish you.
Me: Thanks dost but get the date right next time. ( I hang up)

Saala, getting up at 4.30 every morning is not a joke yaar especially if you stay 60kms away from your godforsaken college! Don't worry we still are friends, so what if I swore at him? He deserved it. Next time he shall remember(hopefully).

P.S: Thanks a lot guys you made my day: varun, debu, dash, it's smokin, suri, wanz, erica, nikhil, will, doc, amma, amit, big daddy, andy, bbc, russ, viggy, alak, dee, dayan, cinty, lucifer, jim, t1, t2, shail, vivek, shark fin, carl, bawa and sid. Love and hugs. Muah.

Thanks also to some forgetful buddies of mine who wished me way past my birthday. Why do I feel that there are some other m*th*rf*ck*rs and haraamkhors who will dutifully call me up on 20th of July??!!?? Please bear with the gaalis that I will shower upon you'll. (I am very generous with those!!) Somethings don't or rather REFUSE to change!

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