Sunday, September 18, 2005



Participating in dramatics and plays was part and parcel of my school and college days. Played the part of a "bhikaari" thrice and always got an encore. Real life is pretty much like that now, I will make sure encores don't happen! I loved to be on stage. I still do but now I find being backstage more interesting, simply because there is more to learn and find the nitty-gritties involved in making of a play.

I am incharge of a play for a group of street kids. Well, I thought my responsibility was restricted to costumes and the sets. Now I find mysef doing work regarding PR and hold your breath "Accounts"!!! Damn! Showing my marksheets that proved that I suck at maths didn't change the manager's mind. Hope he doesn't regret his decision once the money goes missing!!

So, dutifully at the end of the day I sit with my trusted calculator and loads of bills and lots of paper to jot down the expenses. All alone. *Sob* and shitscared what if something goes wrong??!!?? Meri toh hai! Well, I have always proved myself under pressure. This time hopefully too I won't let myself down. Prayers for me should be strictly addressed to The Almighty only!

Working with kids is a lot of fun and you sure as hell need loads of patience. Some kids are like angels and others are well, just like me- absolutely irritating. Gosh! Now I know why my parents treat me the way they do. What the hell, I still like being myself.

Some kids are nervous to no end being onstage. My wallet has become lighter by a couple of 100 bucs just to buy these angelic wrecks sweets so that they don't get jittery. No regrets.

Hope this play is a success. I have met some new people with similar interests as mine. I am always learning and for a change I am enjoying this thoroughly. The topping by far are the kids. I absolutely adore them. Why do they have to grow up? Calvin and Hermione... oh well... Never mind.

P.S: I have always felt that if everyone of us does something in our own little way to help each other the world would be a better place. That also reminds me that if everyone did their own work my world would be sooo much better!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Real Reveries

Rising above everything and everyone around me is what I dream about almost always. I love the feeling of staying afloat on the sea and watching the shore of a moonlit beach which is dark and yet so bright. The night zephyr leaves me with an exhilarated calmness. The stars make a good backdrop while the palm trees try to hide their flickering light. It is beautiful.

I make my own realities but dreams are something that I have no control over.Dreams are so real. The real world does not have that genuineness that my dream world holds. I am not an idealistic person by nature but my oneiric world is complete with grandeur and realism does not find a niche anywhere in it. Well, being idealistic pays I guess! Deprivation of sleep and loss of time are some of the side effects. But you make up for it when your dreams are realised.

I know someday my dream will come true. I need to personify that dream of mine on my own. And guess what? I know I will get there. I have walked enough in others recourse. It's time to walk on the road that I have chosen, pavements make me claustrophobic. Life has made me more resilient than before. Strong people have their weak times and I am no exception. I have always seen myself as independent and unconventional and yeah a "rebel". So why should I shut up now when now is the time to set myself free and embark on a journey that has long been awaited. I will always describe myself as a traveller. My "dream" destination is not far off... And I will reach it in some time just to embark on another odyssey...

.....I know nobody knows
where it comes and where it goes
I know it's ev'rybody's sin;
You got to lose to know how to win.....
Dream on....dream until your dream comes true....

Thursday, September 08, 2005


No Goodbyes

I cannot thank you enough for being there when I needed an anchor. You are one of the very few friends that I have who know me well enough to not believe the "I-am-my-own-anchor" crap that I dole out whenever I am down in the dumps.(by the way it's not all crap)

I have known you for quite sometime now. I know you are a darn good techie and the most careless and absentminded person I've ever ever EVER met! (Remember Joe Satriani!).
There are things I wanted to tell you but couldn't. I guess this is the best way I can. I won't get senti and all that jazz.

Otherwise... you suck at telling a joke. Wallets are suppose to carry some money and mobile phones are suppose to be with you and not left in autorickshaws!! Gosh! How will you survive there alone??!!??

You are supposed to drive above 35kms on the Pune expressway!! Useless! Don't forget to get yourself a maid when you get there.*wink* *wink* (Hope you know what do 2 winks mean!
First guy I've come across who has an entire collection of Superman Comics. You wish so hard, don't you?!!?? Hehehe.

Last but not the least you matter a lot to me and oh yeah I care about you and I am sure gonna miss ya and blah blah blah... Take care dimwit.

P.S: This was sent to me by a dear friend. This goes for you too....
We may go our separate ways,
live different lives,
do different things,
believe in different aspects,
but as long as we believe we are friends,
we will forever be.

love and laughter always....

P.S: I know I am posting this late.

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