Tuesday, October 11, 2005



For the umpteenth time it is "Ballroom Dancing" and NOT "BALL DANCING"!!!

ball dance...hahahahaha!!
buhaha. PINK BLOG! why not silver?:D heheehee
buhahaha.. ball dancing is right.. esp when 2 gurls are dancing.. ;) bong bong bong bong!! :P nice pink blog you have here.. ewwwwwwww
anglo che!
BUHAHHAHAHA :P I will still say it is ball dancing.....ahhahahahaha :P
Same diffrence :P
Russ : i prefer ball dancing :D:D:D more majja comes in that ;);) buhaha
& btw andy is right. da man ^:)^
andy tht will b awesome 2some man or 4 some??!!?? when gurls dance 2gether. yeah baby!! buckwaas same difference?!???! pls to elaborate. russ u mean u mean u like playin tt! buhaha. reiya no gold no silver ;-) shobha god bless u when u say tht in front of u knw who??!?? **wink** viggi- anglo u mean russ na?? hhehe.
So what i asked my girl 4 a ball dance!!??? was fun though. hahaha. all d best item u deserve the best. if you meet your past just kick him in the "balls" and he will dance. see there you go. you get d drift na? kiss and hugs to my best frd. take care.
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