Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Crossed Off !!

Things already done/ accomplished:
1. Made time for practicing guitar
2. Spent time with the kids from Akanksha and Shishu Bhavan and came up with an awesome play. God bless these angels.
3. Lost weight! Not a big deal I will gain it back because I am born to eat! Who cares? Not me atleast.
4. Got two part time jobs which help me a lot "financially"!! Yippee! I enjoy the work also. I love PR now and I always liked doing keedas with cellphones. Can't ask for anything more. Ok I can actually, but all that will have to wait. *wink* *wink*
5. Last but not the least went out with a guy who is younger to me. Yeah baby!

Things I want to do/accomplish:
1. Be a first class graduate.
2. Learn to ride a bicycle. Anyone who reads this who has a bicycle and the time to teach please contact me. P-L-E-A-S-E
.3. Learn swimming.
4. Start a Hindi blog. After internet arrives at my place. Some months for this one to be struck off the list.
5. Get a driver's licence.
6. Learn Jiving properly and not trip and stamp my partners feet!!

Man! I actually managed to strike off some stuff from my "to do" list!! YaaY!! I like setting short term goals keeping the bigger picture in mind and almost always I manage to get what I want and where I want to be.

P.S1: I have a huge crush on him!!! He is just so funny and cute! What to do??!!??? Also, I have a crush on her. She is so darn pretty and beautiful !! What to do??!!?? No haraami suggestions please. Help your dear friend out. A place in hell is assured for the one who comes up with the best solution possible!! I care. Trust me ;-)

P.S 2: Who all think that my blog remins you of a condom advertisement??!?? Viggy, Varun and Silver Money you guys keep your goddamn mouths shut!!! Perverts! Finally "some reason" to change the template again :-
P.S 3: On a thoughtful note:
When we were kids, we could not wait to grow up and fall in love...
Now that we are grown up we realise that wounded knees are easier to heal
than broken hearts....

it surely feels great to make thru the 'to do ' list...i feel the same.

good luck on ur new jobs *hugs*

Gheun tak.

i agree wit PS#3.

PS:i dont feel like putting up any posts on my blog anymore:(
hmmm hmm and some more ;). good for u..:D.
younger men n all... ahem ahem.. you knwo what im gonna say... you got a crush on a guy and a gurl!!. simple solution che... dont forget the videocamera!!!!!!! buhahaha..
and as for wounded knees... :P:P what naughty things you been upto girl... :))
dont worry about my place in hell darling..;) .. I'm the heir to DA throne...:P
hiya item!! wassup!??!! oh my god!!! will call u and tell what i feel and think about this. hugs. take care of urself girl.
Andy saar video camera is not a bad idea at all!!! tahnx. btw thank god none of you'll think that my blog reminds you of condom. phew. viggy can go to hell for all i care.
Well how can u hav a crush on a Guy n gal at the same time....or is it a gal whose become a guy or vice versa??...darn ...movies these days hav my imagination goin wild:P...BTW pliss not to be spoiling good naa-daan boys at impressionable age:P..well said on the knee front...but then no one invented Dettol for the heart:(
Names of unfortunate guy/gurl pliss :D

& yaa! I forgot :D Nanhe munne bacche teri mutthi mein kya hai? :-/

wounded knees? :| how did kneees reach the ground :-/ K pass ;))
Russ : send girl 2me....im free :D:D then u can concentrate on guy ;);) there ur prob solved :D:D or better still only 1word ..........THREESOME !!!!!!!!!
blog looks like a combination of a condom ad & whisper =))
tc b-)
p.s graduate che :D b-)
I forgot one more thing :D

pliss change title of your blog -->"Yeh bimari choone se nahi phehlti" :))

also PS: Graduate che b-)

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