Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The Sweetest Thing

She can't dance for nuts. He grooves really well. She is not very senti. He is the epitome of sentimentalities. Thus very impractical! She is average when it comes to cooking. He could have been a chef for all you know!

She gets impatient when it comes to food and a full bladder! He has patience embedded in his soul. Man! He can wait for an eternity! (No bladder related situations though!). She talks, talks, talks... yeah it never ends. He talks and he listens too. A good listener he is. She listens but then...talks...!!!

She can't figure out why on earth computers are so complicated or rather the language in which the instructions are written! Computers are his passion and so is classical music. She can't sing at all, forget humming. His voice is melodious.

They are very good friends. But he is in love with her. Been a long time. She knows it. She doesn't know what to do. She won't lie to him that's for sure. He just waits for an answer.
She lives one day at a time and is learning to trust after someone shattered her faith. He is the optimistic kinds. He is capable of facing both the good and bad times with ease. So what does he do? He waits. She calls him stupid but he doesn't give a damn. Time will tell.

Fried pomfret with a dash of martini never tasted better. Ofcourse he fried the fish. She just poured the martini. (people do crazy stuff when they are drunk!) They are not poles apart but opposites complementing one another. Both know that. She keeps reminding about how absent minded he is but he dutifully forgets! Reasons are obvious.

You know what is the sweetest about these two friends ? They never compromise on their friendship. He loves her. She adores him. There are no secrets between them. Just complete trust and honesty. He knows that she won't be in his life for long. She knows that he is going to be there for her no matter what. He knows that she sucks when it comes to keeping in touch. She knows he will always keep in contact.

Sometimes life gets you closer to each other but sometimes you get so close that you fall apart. Both of them are an exception to this. Touchwood!

P.S: One thing life has taught them is that you don't have to give up on friendship if you understand that friends change. Let's see what life has in store for these two.

Russ: He is truly in love wit her. Unconditional love che....i can vouch for it considering I was in the same situation some years ago. But what i got is a KLPL & a GPL :D:D:D so much lov n concern amounted to nothing. Now i dont beleive in this thing called Love or emotion whatever the fuck is it called. I hope she doesnt do the same thing to him. *sigh* y r gurls so harami :( They always say they want some1 who will love n care for them & when some1 does come online the opt fot the better looking or richer one :|:| k pass
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i have one thing to say your blog name is apt "obscure realities". you dont use any flowery language but you copnvey it very rightly. i have always appreciated your farnk attitude. and just for the record you are right about this guy he won't change for a long time to come. advice for the girl "just chill". i know it's your favorite song!!
Senti talks and gyaan huh? nicely written. i agree with bongboy. by the way just out of the context you look good in casuals as well as kurtas. you can carry them off equally well. future designer you see! now i really want to know which frd of yours christened me with this new name??!!??
Russ : buhaha for once u cant blame of spamming ur blog or ur taggie....rofl @ spam comments :))
abbe must say..no matter how many sermons i can give u on this post, i loved it:P..very well written. now i will just put a cork in it and reread..life is complicated innit?:P goodluckzy :).
Lovely post.
good one:D:D
i love you doe :)
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