Tuesday, December 27, 2005


HOHOHO...... Phbbttppbb!!!

'Tis the season to....yawn, cuddle up in a warm blanket like a small baby and go off to sleep with dreams of chocolate houses and lots of goodies to eat. Sigh! That will just remain a dream. What the heck as long as I enjoy the dream.

First and foremost season's greetings to everyone. God bless you all and may the devil be your best friend!!

Christmas this year around was a quite celebration. Papa is down with jaundice. So there are three kids to be looked after, in the house. I pity my mom. Virar as you all know is a "gaon" according to many people. So electricity.... oh well... you know comes and goes whenever it feels like.

So here is my family sitting and talking... the lights go off around 5 in the evening or so. That means no bijli for a good 2.5 hrs. So what do we do? Light the candles and sing carols. My family absolutely does not have a gift of a melodious voice. So here we are singing carols with gusto but definitley "offkey". Who cares?!!?? Well on second thoughts the neighbors!! Hehehe. Merry christmas to them too.

But whatever the case maybe. I thoroughly enjoyed this christmas. Not going to church also added to my bliss. My church is 55kms fars from where I stay, so if I had gone for a midnight mass I definitely wolud have reached home in the morning!!

After ages I sat with my family and hada good talk. Drat! I miss those times where we all would sit together and do total time pass. Well, never mind I still love my family.We do have our rough patches but the four of us are still there for one another. Don't worry if I have an argument with them I sure will go berserk but I know they are still going to be there no matter what.

P.S: Coming up in some time a post about what I feel about my blog buddies. Bitchy and all.... and more. My two dearfriends are going to bitch about me on my own blog!! Varun and Debu. I will remember next time not to write my passwords on papers. But then how do I remember the?!!?? Never mind.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005



I cannot stand the same old monotony of life. Be it the blog template or a guy or food. Variety is the spice of life. So let me just add that ingredient to my life. High time. I am in love. It's great the way it is. I am not telling. Suits me. So let it be.....

No regrets...They don't hurt.

P.S: Someone has to help me with my blog template. Andy could you? lemme know.

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